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When It’s Time to Rebrand

Vante brochuresDuring the life cycle of a company, it may be necessary to rebrand or reposition the company one or more times to thrive in a changing marketplace. The most common reasons to rebrand a company include:

-Changing market demand
-Need to differentiate from the competition
-New product/service offerings
-Company mergers, acquisitions or reorganizations
-Bad reputations (real or perceived)
-Unplanned, negative situations (e.g. bankruptcy, losses)
-Poor financial performance requiring a new business strategy (Bullets and margins below look weird and do not line up.)

The rebranding process allows companies to re-evaluate their core offerings, target audiences, message strategies and service delivery options. Examples of companies that have rebranded include Phillip Morris, which changed its name to Altria in 2003, to shed its negative image associated with tobacco products that could have affected other Philip Morris brands such as Kraft Foods. General Motors, after filing for bankruptcy in 2009, rebranded by selling off or discontinuing some of its brands, including Saab and Hummer, to focus on fewer, stronger brands. Continue reading

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