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Is It Time To Refresh Your Brand?

Refresh RebrandAs the nation slowly recovers from the recession marketing budgets are also recovering. Companies that survived the economic downturn likely implemented a conservative marketing spending plan, and have emerged with a renewed spirit and business strategy. Having survived the financial crisis, the landscape is now filled with strong competition. Brands are turning to their marketing partners for advice on determining how to best communicate their core messaging in this new market and how to distinguish themselves among their competition.

“A poor economy forces businesses and organizations to rethink their brand and look to the future,“ according to Lori McConville, executive vice president of Caliber Group. “We are helping our clients, across differing industries, to refresh their brands through research and strategic planning and creative guidance. Generally our client’s find that it’s not their product and service that needs fixing, but rather the perception”  Continue reading

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How Do Your Customers Really Feel About You?

Customer surveyIt’s relatively common knowledge in the business industry that building on existing customer relationships is more cost effective than trying to attract new customers altogether. But before you start trying to upsell your existing customer base, it might be a good idea to find out how they really feel about your business. Such information could help you come up with a winning strategy that entices them to purchase more of your services.

Asking a customer at the counter what they think of your business is like asking your significant other if he or she thinks you’ve gained weight. Some couples have the kind of open and honest relationships that allow them to successfully navigate such a sensitive topic. Other couples might squirm and feel awkward. Or worse yet, the relationship is already lost and someone may take the opportunity to hurt the other. Continue reading

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First Impressions .. and Second, and Third


When did you last take the time to experience your business as a customer? First impressions, and second and third, often count. How customers perceive you in person, online or over the telephone can impact your bottom line.

When you walk in the front door is this the impression you want to give to your customers?  Are you greeted?  Does the furniture and décor in the lobby fit the image you are trying to portray?  If you are kid-friendly, do you have small size seating, a play area or both?

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