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AP Stylebook – The Only Constant is Change

158684586Recent changes to the Associated Press Stylebook have surprised the industry it governs. Much to the dismay of many traditional journalistic writers and grammar purists, last month the Associated Press declared that “over” is now an acceptable substitute for “more than” when indicating greater numerical value. Apparently the AP had more change in store. Continue reading

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Increase Your Chances of Media Exposure Success

Is it really news?Successfully pitching a story to the media and achieving the coverage you hoped for is tough. Even the seasoned public relations pro know there’s no guarantee their pitch will make it to print or television. Reporters are bombarded with story ideas and, along with their editors; they must sift through the story suggestions (not to mention cover the stories that are banging at their doors) and find the ones newsworthy enough to follow.

The truth is there’s no magic formula and there’s no guarantee. At Caliber, we never make a promise that’s out of our hands to deliver, but we pride ourselves on taking the right steps to guarantee the best possible outcomes for our clients.  Several important elements make up the earned media equation. Knowing how to write a good release, strategically planned timing, targeting the right media and creating the right messages are all factors that must be carefully executed. Continue reading

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Let’s Get Digital: Top 3 Findings from Arbitron Survey

Digital PlatformsNearly 90 percent of U.S. households have access to the Internet. Two-thirds of homes with Internet access have Wi-Fi network. More than half of Americans 12 years and older have a Facebook page. These are just some of the highlights that Arbitron, a radio rating and media research company, and Edison Research released in the results of their recent survey, Navigating Digital Platforms.

The survey combines a cross section of previous research spanning thirteen years of inquiries into traditional, new, and digital media preferences and user habits.

Here are the three top takeaway trends, discoveries, and significant implications that will affect marketing decisions today and tomorrow. Continue reading

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Predicted Ad Trends for 2011

Crystal ballIt will come as no surprise to those of us paying attention to trends that advertisers are asking more of their audiences than ever before. In previous years, the modus operandi has been for advertisers to show pictures, play music, and try to impress while target consumers relax on the couch. Relax no more, audiences. In 2011 and beyond, advertisers will be putting audiences to work. The new rule of engagement is, in fact, “engagement”. New online ads will require the audience to “click” for the full story or experience that will drive a message home. It is predicted that online ads will, more and more, link an end-user directly to the point of purchase, cutting out any waffling a consumer may feel while considering a buying decision.  The engagement revolution is not exclusive to online ads. Print and TV ads are, increasingly, requiring that audiences scan a code to find a hidden message or receive the chance to win some coveted opportunity that only those “in the know” get to access. The end goal of these more complex processes is to create loyalty through participation and to turn that loyalty, ultimately, into sales and evangelism. Continue reading

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Six Media Monitoring Tools to Track Reputations and ROI

Has the daily job of sifting through Google alerts or the local media for company or product mentions turned into a time and resource drain? If you’ve been tasked with gathering media mentions and evaluating results from a variety of national and international sources, a paid media monitoring service is the best tool for the task.

Sifting through the options to find the right service can be intimidating at the onset. Several reputable companies offer media monitoring tools that can save time and effort and help deliver comprehensive reports to stakeholders and the executive team.  We’ve recently had the opportunity to evaluate several of the products on the market and will share our findings here.

Continue reading

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