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How Strong is Your Content Marketing Strategy?


Is your lack of a content marketing strategy hindering your social media efforts?

Ten years ago, social media was an untrusted tactic that only the most cutting-edge marketers dared to explore. As the social media movement gained traction, successful case studies emerged and people began to see how it could help their organizations. Social media adoption spread and companies opened Facebook accounts simply because they didn’t want to be left behind by the movement or seen as behind the times. The problem is they jumped on board the social media train with little regard to how this tactic would impact their bottom line or what message they wanted to communicate to their customers.  This lack of planning made it nearly impossible to prove a return on investment and justify the resource cost of creating and maintaining a social media identity. Continue reading

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Do LinkedIn’s Endorsements Have Measurable Value?

Be careful when weilding the power of the check! Two recent op-ed pieces featured by Mashable presented opposing opinions on the value of LinkedIn’s relatively new endorsement feature. One article, written by Todd Wasserman, called it “meaningless,” while David Berkowitz’s rebuttal article argued that it is “…one of the best uses of game mechanics online…” So which is true?

Our agency strongly embraces the potential of LinkedIn as a recruiting tool. We spend considerable resources educating our clients on the prospective business development powers stemming from a strategic use of their LinkedIn accounts and the importance of properly maintaining, updating and enhancing them. Continue reading

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7 Top Digital Trends to Watch

Digital TrendsMobile
Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to access the internet for deals, product information and social media engagement. Mobile can be defined as any device that can be taken with you–smart phones, tablets and laptops. By 2015 more people will connect online by mobile devices than desktop PCs. Marketing campaigns and tactics targeted to these devices such as texting campaigns, QR codes, apps and mobile internet sites are quickly becoming required tools for businesses. The mobile advertising industry is expected to be worth more than $1.56 billion by 2013. Continue reading

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Press Releases Deserve Search Engine Optimization Too

wwwA press release is often considered a tool used to inform members of the media about an event, update, or new information that would make a useful story for their readers. While this is certainly true, a press release is also content on the internet that can be used to draw people searching for certain keywords and phrases to your website. Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t just for the text embedded in a website. All communications, including press releases, can be “tagged” with key words to receive priority placement in organic searches and therefore drive users to your message and content. A press release can be optimized for searches by including key words and phrases and adding relevant links to the text. Continue reading

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Google knows the color of your hat: Black Hat / White Hat SEO Strategies

Black Hat White Hat

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JC Penney recently got its proverbial hand slapped by Google and has been banished to the bottom of organic search result listings. The company’s website was utilizing practices that while not illegal, are considered unethical in the practice of online search methods. These unethical practices are known as “black-hat” tactics, and while they can boost organic search rankings temporarily, they can also hurt the brand and reputation. Presumably such a well-known brand would have experts on their team that would know better than to engage in these strategies and only use “white-hat” or universally accepted practices. However, the company claims they were unaware anything unethical was taking place. Continue reading

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