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Should Businesses Use Instagram?


Like all social media platforms, Instagram allows brands to interact with the public in a social manner. Sharing the culture behind the brand can create a relationship and deepen brand loyalty when the lifestyle of the brand matches that of its customer.  If you think Instagram is like all the rest—just another social media tool—think again. It allows brands to express themselves to consumers in a unique, powerful way, and with more than 100 million users, it’s shouldn’t be ignored. Continue reading

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New Facebook Features

Facebook icon

The most intriguing element of  social media management is the ever changing nature which keeps social media marketers on their toes.  We are constantly learning and adapting our social media strategies to best serve our clients.  So far 2013 has been full of changes for social media giant Facebook, including a logo redesign.  Here are 5 of the most recent changes that are likely to impact Facebook brand pages. Continue reading

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The Evolution of Social Advertising

Are you reaching your audience via social media?Facebook, the world’s largest social network, achieved 1 billion users in September 2012.  Why then, would anyone opt out of advertising with a company that has captured the attention of such a large percentage of the world’s population?

That decision was made by General Motors (the third largest advertiser in the U.S.) this past May, when the company pulled its ad campaigns from Facebook (Washington Post).  GM found that in the end, their $40 million spent on advertising with Facebook was ineffective. (Wall Street Journal).

In response to GM’s move, Ford affirmed their beliefs in Facebook advertising by tweeting, “It’s all about execution. Our Facebook ads are effective when strategically combined with engaging content & innovation.” (Business Insider)

User engagement is the name of the game and it is why Facebook is implementing a new style of advertising called “social advertising” which has the potential to make Facebook ads more effective.

Continue reading

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Tracking ROI on Offline Advertising

Print adsEffective marketing professionals are constantly monitoring and questioning how they are spending their marketing budget, if their messaging is reaching the right audience, and how to develop ways to track the effectiveness of their tactics.

With the availability of web statistics – Google Analytics for websites, Hootsuite Analytics for Twitter, and Insights for Facebook – a business is able to see who is viewing their online marketing content, how often they visit the site, and even how long they stayed on the site. Measuring the effectiveness of offline marketing can be more difficult.

To gauge the effectiveness of offline advertising (print ads, brochures, postcards, etc.) marketers can create ways to track their reach, similar to what is being done with internet marketing. Continue reading

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Retargeting Brings Website Visitors Back

Retargeting96% of visitors to a website don’t become customers or engage during their first visit. How do you bring them back?

The old advertising adage used to be that a potential customer needed to hear, read, and/or see your message three times before they engage in your product or service. The latest statistic is that it can take up to seven digital interactions with people before they become a customer. How can you speed up this process? By retargeting, also called retracking or remarketing (by Google).

Retargeting is an online marketing technique that focuses on people who visit a website. When a user visits a website, a cookie tags a code from the site and is placed on the visitor’s browser to allow an advertiser to target that consumer as they interact online. For example, if someone visits and places something in a cart but leaves the site without purchasing it, a cookie is placed on the visitor’s browser. That user may find that while visiting another site, an ad for Overstock appears featuring the very item they placed in the cart. The next time they see an Overstock ad on another site it may even offer that same item at a discounted price. Continue reading

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