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AP Stylebook – The Only Constant is Change

158684586Recent changes to the Associated Press Stylebook have surprised the industry it governs. Much to the dismay of many traditional journalistic writers and grammar purists, last month the Associated Press declared that “over” is now an acceptable substitute for “more than” when indicating greater numerical value. Apparently the AP had more change in store. Continue reading

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Editing Tips From Our Grammar Guru!

Editing doesn’t have to draw blood!

It doesn’t matter how slick your design, engaging your photos or thorough your information – if you have a glaring typo, a stumble-inducing sentence or any other poor writing, your product is going look amateur in the end.

Sure, not everyone’s a master grammarian and you can take your chances hoping no one notices a slip-up. Hiring a professional to write and/or edit your product is always a smart way to go, but even if you do hire someone, it’s essential you – the client – thoroughly check the product as well. You may want a certain word capitalized, a word spelled a specific way or have a particular grammatical rule you want implemented. Continue reading

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