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Supporting a good cause can increase loyal customers

Teacher Discount CardNow more than ever, your customers are being bombarded with messages from your competitors demanding their attention and motivating them to open their wallets.

When consumers are presented with competing choices to your offerings that appear equal in price, benefits and quality, one sure way to stand out from your competition and gain customer loyalty is to support a charitable cause that your customers care about. Continue reading

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Green Marketing: Consider Your Audience

RecycleResearch on eco-marketing has shown that women and men receive “green” messaging very differently. For marketers promoting green products, it is important to note this key challenge to creating messaging. Let’s take a brief look at consumer perceptions on the “green movement,” and why marketers must make note of these major incongruities.

According to a recent survey from Crowd Science’s Just Ask!, women are the primary household spenders (80-85 percent of retail consumer goods) and prefer to be spoken to as a caretaker concerned about the fate of their environment.  Unlike most men, women are driven by product reviews, real life improvements, and what it means to them and their families to live a sustainable lifestyle. Continue reading

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Social Responsibility Pays Off

Our team at the Caliber Group believes that every good company should align with a worthy cause or non-profit organization. Socially responsible, for-profit companies recognize that their contributions serve those in need and help build their community.

The serendipitous impact for business: Customers do purchase products or use services that support a cause or charity.

For example, market research firm Mintel recently released a study that stated 35 percent of customers will pick an environmentally friendly product over one that isn’t as “green,” even if the “green” product costs more. Continue reading

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Transumerism: What Does It Mean For Your Business?

girlssharingipodAre you in the business of selling handbags, electronics, books, furniture, clothes, or maybe even art? If your organization offers any of these types of products or nearly any other consumer good or service, an evolving trend known as “transumerism” may be making an impact on your industry and could affect the way you approach your market.

Originally transumerism was a term applied to the purchase habits of consumers in transition – in other words, travelers and their purchasing behaviors in airports, hotels, etc. However, over time, non-travelers have also begun adopting transumer tendencies as society continually becomes increasingly experience and pleasure driven. Individuals are more inclined to prefer to rent, lease, or perhaps even share ownership of products and services, finding that these temporary possessions impose fewer constraints and offer greater opportunities for extravagance. Continue reading

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Nice Chalkbot!

504x_chalkbot_jalopnik_01Cool post at! According to the blog, Cyclist Lance Armstrong has returned to the 2009 Tour de France to raise awareness of his Livestrong Campaign.

And to cheer him on, Livestrong and Nike teamed up with DeepLocal and StandardRobot to create this robot that paints messages on the Tour de France path.

The best part? You can send your own message of encouragement! Continue reading

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