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The Fine Art of the Soft Sell and Social Media


I’m a huge fan of the Corporate Curmudgeon, a syndicated columnist who appears locally in our Arizona Daily Star doling out wry advice to the green, unsophisticated or just plain clueless employee. Yesterday’s column touches on an art form that, to me, is highly underrated:

The fine art of the “soft sell.”

Why, might you ask, should a marketer/copywriter/pr practitioner/social media guru/flack/hack/car salesmen care to know what a “soft sell” is? Well, my dears, because we as a society are burned out. And when audiences burn out, they shut their ears. Continue reading

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Buffalo Exchange – A Social Media Case Study

Michelle Livingston, Marketing Director for Buffalo Exchange

Michelle Livingston, Marketing Director for Buffalo Exchange

On the never-ending hunt for successful and local social media case studies, I decided to ask friend and peer Michelle Livingston to participate in a little Q&A with CaliberPulse.

As Marketing Director since 1999, Michelle Livingston has been overseeing marketing, advertising, graphic design, public relations, promotions and the online presence for Buffalo Exchange, a national chain of hip resale clothing stores based in Tucson. Michelle has participated in the impressive growth of Buffalo Exchange to 36 stores and 2 franchises in 13 states, with $56.3 million a year in sales.

Currently Buffalo Exchange has 5,414 MySpace friends, 3,606 Facebook Page fans, 1,193 Twitter followers and 222 Flickr photo favorites posted by other members.

Continue reading

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Social Media Workshop Highlights the Benefits to Businesses

Sam Brace takes audience through the smorgasbord of social media tools they can use to build their brand's reputation.

Sam Brace takes the audience through the smorgasbord of social media tools they can use to build their brand's reputation.

Caliber superstar Sam Brace gave an enthusiastic and informative presentation on social media this morning to the Northern Pima County Chamber of Commerce at Ventana Medical Systems.

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to attend on of Caliber’s many Smart Marketing Workshops, you can download a PowerPoint of the presentation at Continue reading

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Join the Conversation Early, Not After the Damage Is Done

Iforestconversationf a conversation happens in a forest and you’re not there to be a part of it, did it really happen?

In the online world of social media – you bet your bottom dollar it did. And an entire network of friends, fans and followers heard it, participated in it and repeated it to their friends, fans and followers.

When I worked for a small town newspaper right out of college, we often joked the biggest threat to being scooped was the gossip that took place at a quaint diner downtown. There’s no message tool more effective than word of mouth – especially when the topic is heated, controversial or sensational. That’s how I like to think of social media. It’s not really all that new to those of us who understand how gossip works – it’s fast, can often be misleading (think the children’s game of telephone – the more you repeat something, the more inaccurate the message becomes) and sometimes damages someone’s reputation. Continue reading

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