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Using Social Media to Make a Difference

Customer service via TwitterSocial media has become a critical tool for companies to share news, product information, and promotions with their followers. While these are important elements of building a brand and executing marketing campaigns, social media is also a powerful tool for providing real-time, continued customer service.

Social media allows companies to provide real-time information to their followers. Insurance companies are now using Facebook and Twitter to provide followers with information on how they are responding to natural disasters and providing information for those in need. These companies are not only posting general information and tips, but some are employing these tools to communicate how and where they are providing help so that policyholders may take advantage of such programs.

For example, in response to the recent tornados in Alabama, Alfa Insurance posted this Facebook status:

“The Alfa Mobile Response Unit continues to service its policyholders in the hardest hit areas of north Alabama. The MRU has moved from its location in Culman to our office in Athens, AL located at 15724 E. Limestone Rd. near the Limestone and Madison county line.”

The information provided in this post informed Alfa’s policyholders precisely what their insurer was doing to help and where to find them.

As the use of smart phones increases, consumer access to social media is almost constant, and thus one of the most effective means to share vital information with consumers. The insurance industry is just one example of how companies can use social outreach to provide better customer service. There are many opportunities for all industries to use this media, in addition to traditional communications, to engage, assist, and inform customers.

We challenge you to evaluate your social strategy and to think further than just sharing the latest promotions with followers. Develop a strategy for sharing information that can make a difference in consumers’ lives. There does not need to be a natural disaster to do this; showing that your company cares by sharing relevant and meaningful information will, in turn, bring more followers and a positive impact on your brand’s reputation.

For more examples of insurance companies’ using social media: Insurers’ Use Of Social Media Helped Policyholders After Recent Catastrophes

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