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Introducing Facebook’s Newest Feature

Caliber Facebook QuestionWe have yet another answer for the ever-present challenge of how to stimulate more interaction on Facebook.

Facebook recently introduced a new feature that allows page administrators to build interaction by polling. This added feature allows social site managers to not only survey their fans to find useful information, but it can also be used to reinforce message strategy via questions.

For instance, a bank’s Facebook page may ask the question, “What is one of the primary reasons you open a new account at a bank?” or “What would our customers benefit from the most?” Multiple choice options may be: No fees checking, Extended drive-through hours, etc. Businesses can then use the answers to develop a marketing plan that incorporates their loyal and prospective customers’ answers.

In addition to being a useful polling tool, Questions is also useful as a rebroadcast tool. According to Facebook, “Questions is designed so that anyone on Facebook can help you find the answer.” Through the newsfeed, a user’s entire network is able to see the question and how each person answered it. Friends are then able to answer or follow the question in one click. In this case, the Questions widget functions similarly to a retweet on Twitter, in which each answer is immediately shared and visible to others across the social network.

The application is very straightforward and simple. To add a question, find the status bar on your Facebook homepage. Here, the “Question” option appears in between “Status” and “Photo.”  Select “Question” and type the desired question in the box that appears. There is an option to provide several answers in a polling format, which allows users to only answer in a multiple choice fashion. When complete, select “share,” and wait for your question to cultivate responses. Tip: Questions will result in higher participation when page administrators “suggest” the question to users in their personal and professional networks.

For more information about Facebook’s newest feature:

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