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Let Your Fingers Do the Talking

E-mailE-mail is one of the simplest and least expensive methods to market your business.

There are no materials or overhead costs like with a paper mailing. You’ll know almost immediately whether the address you’ve sent to is still active (or spelled correctly) and you can ask for a read receipt to indicate whether your target has received the message.

Perhaps best of all, you stand a good chance of getting a response since the easiest time to click on “Reply” or link to a Web page is while the target is actually reading the e-mail.

Your number one e-mail marketing tool is your signature block. Use e-mail signatures to educate clients/customers and allow for them to refer business to you each time your message gets forwarded.

The minimum a signature block should contain: your name, company, e-mail and Web addresses, business phone number and physical address.  These days, including your compay’s blog addresses, twitter handle, and a link to the company’s Facebook page are becoming as important as the other basics.  You may opt to include a company tag line or brief corporate description as well.

Here’s a great example of an e-mail signature block:

Paula Sellergren
Director of Marketing
Mather LifeWays
1603 Orrington Avenue, Suite 1800
Evanston, IL 60201
Tel: (847) 492.6771
Fax: (847) 492.7417

Mather LifeWays is a unique nondenominational,not-for-profit organization. We enhance the lives of older adults through lifestyle and residential alternatives that create Ways to Age WellSM.

What marketing materials might you send existing customers? Keep them informed about promotions or special offers, coupons, change in contact information   I.e., “We’re moving to a new location,” or requests for feedback on products or services.

Some other things to remember when e-mailing:

  • Make sure the people on your list actually want (and preferably are expecting) the material you’re sending them. There are laws against spam   unwanted and unrequested junk e-mail.
  • The recipient needs to recognize who the e-mail is from, so get an e-mail address with your company name in it. The “Subject” line is what will entice them to open your e-mail, so make an effort to find the right words.
  • You still need good copywriting in an e-mail or e-newsletter. Include clickable options for instant access to key online areas.
  • Always include an “Unsubscribe” option in your message. But make sure people know what they’re missing if they do unsubscribe. Clicking the unsubscribe button should take readers to a page asking them to confirm their decision.

Apply these simple pieces of e-mail marketing advice and you’re ready to e-mail your way to keeping your customers informed, building brand loyalty, and getting the word out about important company moves inexpensively and easily.

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