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Load Your Marketing Tool Belt with Technology

Have you noticed that multi-tasking is no longer a unique skill, but rather, it is universally expected?

The largest contributor to our lengthy, daily task list is technology.  Some of us see it as a huge hill and have to prepare ourselves for the challenge. Others see technology as the wrapped package that sat under the Christmas tree the longest.  You finally get to open it, but first you shake it, try to peak through the paper and then quickly tear the paper away and begin exploring it.

However you embrace technology, consider it a tool on your marketing tool belt. It is a mechanism to help get you from point A to point Z, as society is no longer happy going from A to B anymore.

Your Website is the Most Versatile Tool on your Belt

No matter how inspiring he was in “Field of Dreams,” Kevin Costner’s words, “If you build it, they will come,” isn’t true for websites.  Many have spent the past 15-20 years perfecting their websites as electronic brochures, silent cashiers or a customer service sounding board. Whatever your purpose for your website, if people aren’t visiting, it becomes merely an attempt at appearing to be “high tech.”

Your web professional can help you with the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that ignite from within your site. There are many options to drive traffic from outside of your website, while doing double duty.  Why should we be the only ones expected to multi-task?

Social Media and Websites Should Be Working Together

Make a huge mental note, “Whenever I set up a social media account — link it to my webpage.” Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms are great brand builders, but they also should be used to increase your web traffic.

For example, a famous country music starlet has a Twitter account with a substantial number of followers. When you click on her links, they all take you back to the Twitter account. Imagine if her fans and followers were directed to her website and everything she could share?  Or if it were a hardware store, all the items they could sell?  It would allow for fan and customer interaction while enhancing brand awareness.

Interact with Customers in New Ways

Similar to the activity you see at the bottom of your TV screens promoting the network’s programming, you can literally “walkout” on a website to promote yours.  It’s paid advertising, but it works.  In the Tucson marketplace, there are at least two media outlets that can help you create a “walk-out”: (Tucson Newspapers Inc.) and Arizona Lotus Corp. (KLPX, KFMA, La Caliente, and ESPN Deportes Radio).

You are able to target other websites, which have a similar draw or viewers that you want as a customer. You can make a verbal invite, hold a sign up and have fancy graphics. The sky is the limit to create whatever it takes to grab the viewer’s attention in 10-15 seconds, click on you and immediately be linked to your website. There are safeguards for viewers to not become tired of seeing you or your message at the bottom of their screens every time they visit.

Statistics indicate that walk-out advertisements have up to a 10-time conversion, or click through rate, than static images and Flash banners or tiles.

Weave in Web Video

If you purchase banner and tile ad placement, consider adding video and audio, too. Internet users are more sophisticated, which means that static and moderately animated ads are not drawing attention anymore.  Video is what customers want to see and placing informative, lively content on your pages will increase traffic to your website.

So, don’t post your TV commercial in your tiny website advertising space. You should produce something unique for the site, which will quickly catch somebody’s eye and entice the viewer to be led to your website.  Two local outlets that can help you put these web ads together are KVOA-TV (Channel 4) and Consider who you want to visit your website and target websites they would be visiting.

Success takes time and effort. And through implementing all these tools, you may work up a sweat. It’s hard work marketing your company. However, using the platforms to their full capabilities will help you build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and give you the results you want.

(Thanks to amanky for the photo.)


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