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Marketing Mommies via Social Media?

mommybloggerMothers are actively using social media, according to a 2008 research report by eMarketer. Company advertising campaigns have gained popularity or have been grounded down through this vocal and influential community. Some have even adopted the term “Mommy Blogger” to brand themselves (though some have done so reluctantly or avoided the term completely) , using blogging or other social media outlets as an income source.

Reaching this demographic is not a new objective for savvy marketers, many of whom has relied on TV viewing patterns and women-preferred publications as the advertising vehicles of choice in the past. Today social media is providing an outlet to mothers tied down to baby strollers, feeding schedules and nap times. Savvy moms are building online dedicated group of readers and followers who can become evangelists for a recommended product or service. However, just like planning when to air a 30-second TV spot, it’s helpful to know when this demographic is actively blogging or Twittering so your message isn’t missed.

BabyCenter recently conducted a research study that found when children are resting, mothers are using that time to Twitter, blog and check out the latest news and trends on the Internet. 39% of the surveyed mothers said their Internet time is usually the most peaceful part of the day, which depends on how old their child is and set nap schedules.

Other data on Mommy Bloggers show:

  • 55% are using online photo albums like Flickr instead of traditional media to highlight their lives with their baby.
  • 90% eat dinner with their entire family several times a week, making food and beverage product news relevant to them and their buying decisions.
  • 89% prefer buying eco-friendly products.
  • Participation of moms in social media has jumped from 11% to 63% since 2006.

Considering we’re talking about a demographic that spends more than $5 trillion every year, it’s apparent that social media is gaining in significance as a marketing tool to reach influential moms who share their knowledge, shopping habits, product research and tastes online. Reaching out correctly and understanding the behavior of who you’re reaching out to could make the difference in increased sales and business.


We can talk about the humanizing idea we had for Facebook. That way each portal has a different feel with the same strategy.

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