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How Do Your Customers Really Feel About You?

client secretsIt’s pretty common knowledge in the business industry that building on existing customer relationships is more cost effective than trying to attract new customers altogether. But before you start trying to upsell your existing customer base, it might be a good idea to find out how they really feel about your business. Such information could help you come up with a winning strategy that entices them to buy more of your services.

However, asking a customer at the counter what they think of your business is kinda like asking your significant other if he or she thinks you’ve gained weight. Some couples have the kind of open and honest relationships that allow them to successfully navigate such a sensitive topic. Other couples might squirm and feel awkward. Or worse yet, the relationship is already lost and someone may take the opportunity to hurt the other.

No we haven’t changed gears at Caliber Pulse and started offering relationship advice. My point is your relationship with your customer and subsequent conversation could unfold in similar ways.

So how do you get that honest answer? By giving your customers the chance to speak frankly to a third party – someone who isn’t as emotionally invested in their response. The good news is there are experienced professionals well-versed in the art of polling target audiences. Their strategy involves asking a series of questions that elicit an honest response, one not influenced by the potential for hurt feelings, retaliation or favoritism.

So before you go to great extremes to attract new customers, stop and think about what you can do to build on your current customer base. Enlisting professional research can help you craft a successful business strategy that engages your customer base and drives your business forward.

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