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Facebook Gives Users Personalized Web Addresses

facebook dogThe Facebook Blog announces this week we can now personalize our Facebook pages by using our usernames in the address. So instead of directing friends to, we can now refer our friends to

Why do we care? LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have become the business card of choice for social media savvy businesses. So now you can advertise your business Facebook page as

It’s definitely more reader friendly for marketing and advertising materials. To register, go to Then consider adding your Facebook address to your business cards as a great way for potential customers/clients to interact with and get to know your business.

Take a look at what Radisson Suites Tucson and Gadabout Salon Spas are doing on Facebook to build relationships with customers/clients. Sharing special VIP events and sales is just one way for a business to gain “friends” online.

How has your business successfully used Facebook?

(Thanks to Hello Laulo for the picture!)

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  1. Jennifer-
    Personalizing Facebook is a great idea – yet to do it myself though, to be honest. Twitter and Linked In already had the idea nailed. It’s actually about time Facebook caught up…
    Facebook has been great networking – I’ve gotten back in touch with folks from my television news career from all over the country – and sought and got advice on doing some freelance PR from some former coworkers who’ve gone that route and started their own, very successful businesses. Facebook is an amazing resource – although it has it’s limitations, because it is so personal. I would not accept just anyone to be my “friend” on Facebook – because I have current “friends” that don’t want their personal lives made public – as they are very public people. I keep the business end of my life exclusively for Twitter. Linked In tends to go both ways – personal and professional.

    Comment by Julie Prince | June 17, 2009 | Reply

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